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Our teaching method is student-centered, which means that a student's specific demands, wishes and potentials are respected. All skills are equally developed: listening, speaking, use of English, reading and writing, with an emphasis on functional use of foreign languages,  i.e. on the speaking itself, thus enabling students to communicate very early, i.e. practically from the very first moment they start learning a foreign language.

The method which is taught in DIALOGOS is exceptionally effective and practical. It is adapted to the needs for fast acquisition of foreign languages. It is important to mention that students may test their knowledge from each separate unit which are taught. In that way weak points of each student are duly noticed and eliminated and the next phase of learning becomes more effective and faster.

Foreign languages are taught in groups of approximately 10 students, which enables each student to learn individually and practise conversation in pairs or groups. Learning and socialising with other students willing to explore foreign languages and cultures thus become enjoyable.


Our goal is a satisfied student. Our experienced and qualified teachers care about that. In a creative and stimulating way they introduce students to a foreign culture, customs, landmarks and the way of life of the country whose language they teach.

Our teachers are patient and helpful, adapting their teaching to the pace of learning of each individual student. During our teachers' stay in foreign countries whose language they teach, they acquired not only an adequate accent, but also the manners and knowledge about that particular country. Through their committed work the teachers have gained valuable experience, thus considerably helping the students in making their own progress more easily and correctly.

Sending its teachers to different educational events abroad and in the country (seminars, conferences, fairs, etc.) DIALOGOS constantly invests into its staff, enabling them to keep up with the latest trends in teaching and learning foreign languages in the world.


In teaching we use the programme of the publisher PEARSON from Great Britain, along with the latest editions of textbooks and teaching materials. Markers and whiteboards, TV sets, video and CD players, a library and pleasantly air-conditioned classrooms do not represent a novelty in foreign language teaching centres any more.  Learning a foreign language by using computers is also possible in DIALOGOS. In addition, following the example of the European secondary schools and world renown universities (UCLA, Oxford, University of Sweden) in 2006, 2008 and 2011, we installed completely digitalised language labs, the first of that kind not only in our country but in the nearby countries as well. The Language labs of the Finnish manufacturer Sanako help in development of students' listening and speaking skills; one of numerous advantages the labs offer is the possibility to use the MP3 players and continue the process of learning outside our Centre. In that way, you may take the contents of the whole audio material (CD Rom, audio tape, the Internet, the speech of your teacher) with you (to your home, on a business trip, when going for a walk) and listen to it as many times as you want.

In teaching, interactive whiteboards with English language software are used for children, teenagers and adults. An interactive whiteboard is a smart (interactive) whiteboard connected to a computer to become a huge computer screen controlled by a special electronic pen. The contents of textbooks and activity books, all exercises, audio and video materials thus become easily accessible in the classroom. With the use of an interactive whiteboard, teaching becomes more dynamic and fun and students more motivated to participate actively in the classroom.

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