English – Business Course

Business courses are aimed at adults who are preparing themselves for business careers or who are already employed. We suggest our future students to take entry placement tests to check the exact level of their knowledge.

The programme for Business English Language Courses covers the latest business thoughts of the most successful business people all over the world. It is based on authentic sources which research contemporary business issues and it helps our students to create professional linguistic standards needed for communication in business world around us. Used materials are chosen from professional magazines like the world known the Financial Times.

Study cases which intend to develop linguistic as well as business skills are based on real world business scenarios. The programme helps business world to live and learn, by offering a strategy which opens new door, technique that solves problems or simply new perspective which helps everything to get the meaning. Textbooks, workbooks, audio and video materials, interactive computer programmes and the internet are used in teaching.

These courses could be preparation for taking the exams of business English language (BEC – Business English Certificate) in front of the international board.

Review of Business English Language Courses

Business English 1 60 Beginner POWERBASE* A1
Business English 2 60 Elementary MARKET LEADER A1-A2
Business English 3 60 Pre-Intermediate MARKET LEADER A2-B1
Business English 4 60 Intermediate MARKET LEADER B1-B2
Business English 5 60 Upper Intermed. MARKET LEADER B2
- two-semester courses
- number of lessons refers to one semester
- used programme: Longman/ Pearson Education Limited
- * one-semester course

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