German for adults

Courses for teenagers and adults, designed for students over 12 years of age, enable students to learn the German language from the very start or to improve the existing knowledge. An entry test is recommended in order to determine student’s exact level of knowledge.

The programme addresses the issues present in the daily lives of students. It enables them to confidently use the German language in a number of different situations. It is based on the language exercises, carefully designed and graded to consistently improve the knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and functions of the German language. It develops writing abilities and communication skills, improves accuracy and fluency of expression, and expands the experience and knowledge of students in international culture. Small groups provide quality work through all the important segments of studying a foreign language: understanding, reading, writing, speaking. Following materials are used in teaching: text book, workbook, audio and video materials, interactive computer programmes and the Internet.

In addition to regular ones, intensive courses for adults (individual or group courses) are organised, too. These courses cover the whole/same programme in a considerably shorter period of time. All conditions (class hours, the number of classes, price) are especially arranged and adapted to the wishes and needs of students. (see ENROLMENT)

Overview of the German language courses for teenagers and adults

Deutsch 1 * 60 (40) Passwort 1 (teenagers) A1
Deutsch 2 * 60 (40) Passwort 2 (teenagers) A1 + A2
Deutsch 3 * 60 Passwort 3 A2
Deutsch 4 * 60 Passwort 4 A2 + B1
Deutsch 5 * 60 Passwort 5 B1
Test DaF 4 60 Mittelpunkt B2
Test DaF 5 60 Mittelpunkt C1
Test DaF 6 60 Mittelpunkt C2
- All courses are two-semester, except for courses marked * which are one-semester
- The number of classes relates to one semester 
- Publishers of programmes used in teaching are Max Hueber Verlag and Ernst Klett Sprachen

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