Language Courses One-on-One

These foreign language courses are aimed at highly motivated participants who extremely value speed and time. Learning a language this way in a course that is tailored according to their own needs means that students have freedom to decide when and where they want to study, on what particular topics and at what intensity.

Dialogos offers this kind of language learning not only to professionals who wish to refresh or upgrade their current knowledge for particular jobs' needs, but also to „real“ beginners who aim to rapidly acquire a desired foreign language level and/or confirm it by taking some internationally recognised language exams, as soon as possible. Adapting their teaching approach to each and every individual in reference with refined CEF-related syllabi, Dialogos’ expert teaching staff willingly and successfully meets all of their students' requirements. 

Unlike group work, individual training makes a step further in enabling a teacher to focus on work with only one (or sometimes very few) clients, thus providing constant insight into their individual needs and increasing effectiveness and quality of acquired knowledge and skills, for further successful foreign language usage.

We regularly organise One-on-One trainings for individual students; however, if required, it can also be organised for two or three participants, with a corresponing level of knowledge.  
Please find the cost of individual classes, each lasting 45 minutes, in our Price list of Services. 

For addditional discount campaigns and discounts, please contact Dialogos administration, for check up a referential statement in the Rules and regulations for discounts and disount campaigns.

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