The Spanish language

The Spanish language programme includes number of topics present in everyday life of both young people and adults (work, travel, family, cuisine, fashion, music, film, etc.). Thematic approach to learning enables students to actively use the Spanish language in various situations.

In designing this programme we tried to find a balance between useful and entertaining, effective and interesting contents. The Contemporary Spanish language with many dialects, important aspects of language, presentation of Hispanic reality, culture and civilisation are just some of the segments studied in these courses.

Classes are held in the target language and based on its active use and the use of carefully designed and graded materials; all of this consistently improves the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Situational training, communicative/natural approach and pair/group work used in teaching aim to develop a communicative competence and performance and  result in successful management of everyday situations, while achieving spontaneity of expression.

Small groups provide a good quality work through all the important segments of studying a foreign language: understanding, speaking, reading and writing, with emphasis on speaking and understanding. They are essential prerequisites to a successful learning and adoption of the target language, because they provide enough time and space for active participation of all students in the classroom, as well as the teacher's equal commitment to each individual student.

The overall programme key segment is introduction of students to Hispanic culture and way of life. Studying of specific purpose texts from the textbooks, listening to and understanding of Spanish and Latin American music, watching Hispanic films and other video materials adapted to students, all contribute to better understanding of the Spanish language and  culture of the Hispanic population.

Various materials are used in teaching: textbooks, workbooks, illustrated monolingual dictionaries, audio and video materials, as well as the materials downloaded from accredited Internet websites for learning Spanish as a foreign language. All materials are exclusively presented in the target language.

Overview of the Spanish language courses for adults

Inicial/Basico 60 VEN 1  
Umbral 60 VEN 2
Avanzado/Superior 60 VEN 3  
- All courses last two semesters
- The number of classes relates to one semester
- The programme publisher is EDELSA,

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