Computer laoratories

DIALOGOS owns two modern computer laboratories consisting of 26 independent mutually connected computer units with a 24/7 access to the Internet. A laboratory organized in such way has the purpose to train students in the area of information technology as well as in the area of foreign languages learning.

The advantage of this type of training is the fact that certain programme contents can be adjusted to fit the age and educational profile of students. Our teaching system has acquired a high level of quality with the help of the most cutting edge software innovations such as:

  • progressive method of learning
  • interactive dialogues
  • cultural video programme
  • practice and educational games
  • evaluation of pronunciation using the SMRS technology (Speech Mistakes Recognition System)
  • 3D phonetic animation.

A free use of the high speed Internet is also available to students on daily basis which as well as the modern and air-conditioned classrooms makes this activity even more pleasant and fun.

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