Our teaching method is student-centered, which means that a student's specific demands, wishes and potentials are respected.

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Dialogos Quality

We are gladly pointing out that Dialogos successfully passed a detailed and demanding inspection conducted by an international and independent inspection body, and hence entered the community of more than 100 foreign language schools worldwide, that…

Certificates for the World

Reward yourself with an internationally recognized certificate that certifies your English language ability for travel, further education and better employment prospects.

DIALOGOS has been accredited as the Pearson’s Test Center for Bosnia and…

Language labs

Only in DIALOGOS! Audio-video language labs made by a Finish Company SANAKO are regularly used in teaching. Lab classes are implemented in all DIALOGOS courses in accordance with the carefully planned syllabi.

The benefits of learning in SANAKO…

Stevan Stanarević, Čelinac

I am 25 and I have been attending conversation course at Dialogos since February. I am very satisfied as this is exactly what I need. Before attending the course, I was not able to speak at all, fearing that I would just make mistakes. Relaxed atmosphere in the class, the professionalism of teachers released me of my fear. I am sure that, after completing the course, I will be able to converse in English without any fear. This is exactly what I need for my career development.

English – Conversational Course Stevan Stanarević, Čelinac
Milica Lukić, Banja Luka

As I work in a profession where foreign language skills are essential I decided to enrol on an English course that was recommended to me by a friend. I had studied English before, but I never felt relaxed when speaking and I was always worried about making lots of mistakes. Thanks to regular attendance at this course and the great help and assistance of very qualified teachers who work here I think I have finally overcome this problem.

English for Adults Milica Lukić, Banja Luka
Olivera Marković, Banja Luka

I have been attending an Italian course for four semesters. I am satisfied with what i have learnt, but more importantly we are having a good time learning it. To know a language is essential for a lot of reasons. For me, it has broadened my horizons. I will definitely continue my studies here. The teacher is cool, it’s a great atmosphere. That’s it!

The Italian language Olivera Marković, Banja Luka