Interactive White Board

Our English language programmes for young, teenage and adult learners are fully digitalised and are executed on Interactive White Boards (IWB). Currently, there are four IWBs installed and there are plans to equip each classroom with an IWB.

Interactive White Board is a surface which displays the contents of the computer screen via projector. A special, electronic pen is used for this board. The book contents, all exercises, audio and video scripts and the contents on the Internet thus become accessible in the class.

The teachers and students can write, draw, mark, copy and move photos or texts, add new materials, open new slides, save the former and so much more. With the use of the IWB the teaching process becomes more dynamic and interesting, and the students are motivated to participate actively in the class. The White Board significantly improves the memory of new words and grammatical structures and it is useful for all age groups and levels.

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