English for Adults

English Language Courses for Adults are aimed at students over the age of 15 and they provide learning English either from the very beginning or further development of present knowledge. We suggest our future students to take an entry placement test in order to check the exact level of their present entry knowledge.

The programme for adults covers topics from everyday life and business surrounding. It enables students to reliably use the English language in different situations. It is based on linguistic exercises carefully designed and graded to improve studetns' knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and functions of English develop reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, accuracy and fluency as well as broaden their knowledge of international culture. Small classes enable good quality of foreign language learning and teaching.  In teaching we use textbooks, activity books, audio and visual aids, interactive computer software, the internet, language labs (for all levels) as well as interactive white boards.

Apart from ordinary courses, we organise intensive courses for adults (individual and group) through which the planned programme is acquired during a shorter period of time.  All terms (timetable, number of lessons, price) are specially arranged and adapted to wishes and needs of the students.

Review of English Language Courses for Adults

Beginner A1* 74* Starter TOTAL ENGLISH
Elementary A1-A2 66 Elementary TOTAL ENGLISH
Pre-Intermediate A2-B1 66 Pre-Intermediate TOTAL ENGLISH
Intermediate B1-B2 66 Intermediate TOTAL ENGLISH
Upper Intermediate B2 66 Upper Intermediate TOTAL ENGLISH
Advanced C1 66 Advanced TOTAL ENGLISH
- * one-semester course

- two-semester courses apart from courses marked with *
- number of lessons refers to one semester
- used programme: Longman/ Pearson Education Limited

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