Our English learning programmes in Ireland are provided through a partnership between Dialogos and DALMAC, an Irish Language institute, and have been delivered since 2000.

They are designed for attendees of all ages (10 and above) and all English abilities and their aim is to deliver courses in a relaxed and fun atmosphere that give the participants a good knowledge of the rich Irish history, tradition and culture.

The DALMAC Language institute is authorised by the Irish Governmental Department for Education and Science to operate as an English Language School. We chose to work in partnership with DALMAC because of its 20+ - years experience in working with foreign students, the fact that it offers its courses at significantly lower cost than other local language schools, that they teach the “Queen’s English” and the fact that the Republic of Ireland has much lower crime rates than the neighbouring countries.

DALMAC’s head office is located in the seaside town of Rush, approximately 30 km north of Dublin, the capital of Ireland. Rush is a traditional rural place, its many lush green fields and greenhouses produce fresh vegetables and flowers for Dublin’s markets. With a population of about 15,000, Rush is a tight-knit community and the sort of place where ‘everyone knows everyone’. Students who choose to attend DALMAC courses will benefit from being involved in a true Irish community. By studying and living in the same place they will quickly adapt to the Irish life and be an active part of the community.

Visitors to the area always remark upon the genuine warmth and hospitality of the people of Rush. Rush is an ideal location for students, it is a safe place far enough away from the city to avoid it’s “hustle and bustle” yet still close enough to feel the vibrant city life if you choose to.

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