Written translation

Written Translation

  • All types of identification documents (certified by a court interpreter)
  • All kinds of professional documents (including certification by a court interpreter)

We are able to offer a complete service of translating, editing and formatting the texts, as well as their design, page break and preparation for printing.
We pay special attention to organisation, management and supervision of the entire translation process. We have established a highly developed system of control which guarantees the quality of our services and customers' satisfaction. Before translation, together with our clients we inspect original texts for any ambiguities, set up deadlines and check technical requests and compatibility.

Translations themselves are performed by highly educated interpreters with considerable experience and knowledge in certain fields of expertise. Besides the interpreters', we use the services of experts (engineers, technicians, lawyers, doctors, etc...) with a very good command of foreign languages.


We may correct and proofread our or someone else's already translated texts. The texts for proofreading can be delivered to us printed on paper, saved on a disk, or sent to our e-mail or fax.


After finishing the translation, editing, computer processing or any other necessary work, the material is ready for delivery. Translations are delivered in a reliable way, as quickly as possible, and, depending on the wishes of the client, as follows:

  • via electronic mail (e-mail) to the desired file format
  • using a modem
  • by fax
  • on a disk (CD)
  • or printed on paper by mail

Delivery dates for each translation depend on the amount and complexity of the text intended for translation. Therefore, the delivery dates are agreed on only after an insight into the type and volume of the text to be translated.
On your request we may send you our offer with price list for translation services.

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