About Us


Established in September 1994, DIALOGOS is the first Center for Foreign Languages and Contemporary Communication in the Republic of Srpska.  Our long-standing presence in the educational market is based on trust and satisfaction of our clients and we proudly emphasise that the Center has trained over 20 000 of our fellow citizens so far.


It is a fact that the name DIALOGOS has become a recognisable brand in this region. Bearing in mind our living and working environment and the increasing refinement of our clients' requirements and growing demands, it is clear that this could not have been achieved without many years of dedicated work, efforts and eagerness to offer the market nothing else but a top quality service. It should also be stressed that the name DIALOGOS is not created by copying the names of various world-renowned and accredited educational institutions (which would greatly facilitate our path of development in the market) but by our own idea and faith in the realisation of the vision of what now actually exists.


Through building Dialogos we have gained a wealth of experience in our field of work and we have fully developed business relationships that allow us to consistently satisfy the needs of our clients.

We have built our reputation on a history of success in delivering the best quality services to our clients who are assured of the highest attention to detail.

We believe that we are the best possible partner for our clients who, by engaging in a dialogue with us, ensure they have a dialogue with the world.