Explication of the name and logo


Dialogos in Old Greek means: conversation or speech.

  • Dia is a preposition, and in the Serbian language it means: in, on, through, along, of, behind, pro …
  • Logos in Old Greek means: word, speech, mind, intellect/sense, power of thinking and reasoning …  The word of the dead language that indeed lives today in its full significance and meaning.
  • Dialogue is the only generally accepted form of behavior of modern society. It is not a mere exchange of words, but an opportunity to learn, expand your knowledge, be informed, obtain information.
  • Communication through gesture is a dialogue as well, but such superficiality cannot satisfy us.  A book that you are interested in you can read only if it is translated, your “walk” through the Internet will be more successful if you are ready for a dialogue that was offered. Music, painting, exact sciences… and people with their customs and habits.

DIALOGOS – an ideal word that in itself brings together all aspects of activity of our Center and your personal desires and needs.


Dialogos Logo

Dialogue is an ongoing activity. It requires someone’s personal engagement and participation. If you are ready for a dialogue, there are no boundaries…everything is available!

Thus… one should dare… try to make an effort…make a move...

Dialogue is a movement of optimism. It encompasses all that you can see, learn, sense... That is why our logo is active. The essence of motion. Some may see in it a stylised bird with outstretched wings, a cosmic path, a planetarium. But, one thing is certain - everyone will feel the intensity and elegance of movement!