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DIALOGOS has been accredited as the first Pearson Test Center for Bosnia and Herzegovina. This facilitates obtaining of the internationally recognized Pearson Test of English certificates. Pearson is the world's leading education company which also owns Penguin, Dorling Kindersley, the Financial Times and Pearson Education business. Their educational imprints combine 150 years of experience with online support for every learner.

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a suite of English tests dedicated to assessing and validating the English language usage of non-native English speakers. The suite also includes PTE General, PTE Academic and PTE Young Learners.

PTE General

PTE General (Pearson Test of English General) is an internationally recognized program designed to assess the English language skills. Certify your English language ability for further education or to improve your employment prospects.

PTE General Facts:

  • PTE General is based on a real-life situations and integrates all four skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing);
  • Gives you the freedom to express yourself and demonstrate how well you can use English;
  • Assesses the communicative skills and abilities acquired during your regular English language course classes;
  • Uses real-life scenario, such as writing the emails, understanding the speeches and presentations, understanding the news articles or participating in conversations;
  • Corresponds to the CEF

Alignment with the CEF:

There are six levels that are linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF):

Communication Level         CEF             PTE General
Foundation                             A1                Level A1
Elementary                              A2                Level 1
Intermediate                            B1                Level 2
Upper Intermediate                 B2                Level 3
Advanced                                C1               Level 4
Proficient                                 C2               Level 5

PTE Young Learners

PTE Young Learners (Pearson Test of English Young Learners) is designed to be interesting and fun for children and aims to make first experiences of learning English memorable and motivating.

There are four levels:

Firstwords is designed for young learners who have just started learning English in an academic context. It may be particularly useful for learners who have had to master the use of the Roman alphabet.
The aim is primarily to test the learners’ ability to use the language communicatively.

Springboard is designed for young learners who have had exposure to English in an academic context and who are in advance of Firstwords.

Quickmarch is for young learners who have achieved a basic level of English and who are in advance of Springboard.

Breakthrough is designed for those learners who have achieved an elementary command of English. The Breakthrough exam includes all elements of the Firstwords, Springboard and Quickmarch syllabi. Learners at this level who are aged 14 or over, may prefer to take PTE General - Level 1.

PTE Young Learners Facts:

  • Features real-life scenario – PTE YL is based on authentic and relevant everyday situations that children understand;
  • Is suitable for children – the test format is designed to be enjoyable and relaxing;
  • Is fun - it is designed to be motivating and stimulates further interest for learning English;
  • Is practical – it assesses the real use of language by focusing on communication rather than grammatical exercises;
  • Builds confidence – allows students the freedom to express themselves and show how well they can use English language;
  • Measures the students’ progress – the children can create their own certificate portfolio, awarded by Edexcel, the largest examining body in the UK;
  • Marked by independent professionals – it shows the efficiency of the school teaching system.

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