English for children

The courses for children contain the courses for pre-school children (aged 5-6) and the courses for school children (aged 7-10).

The programme for pre-school children is easy to understand and acquire. It is realised through different activities (listening, speaking, stories, songs, colouring and games). A pupil is in the centre of attention. The real worlds based education with topics such as members of family, games, pets, objects at school, colours, numbers gives young learners a positive attitude and self-confidence from the early stage of learning English. It is not necessary for a child to be able to write because the language is acquired through listening and speaking skills primarily. Textbooks, activity books, crayons, picture cards, dolls for animation, audio-visual materials as well as interactive software and the internet, are used in teaching. Before starting learning a foreign language at this level, the parents should prepare a child to independently socialise in a group with other children.

The programme for school children is made to motivate a child to participate individually, work in pairs and/or groups (through various tasks and projects) stories, songs, drawing and games. Basic writing and reading are applied (Latin alphabet) and the topics which are discussed become more complex. The progress of a student is monitored and assessed regularly in a stimulating way. Textbooks, activity books, picture cards, objects for animation, audio and visual aids, interactive computer software and interactive whiteboards are used in teaching.


CourseNumber of classes  Programme
 Pre-school 1, 2 30*  My First English Adventure 1
 1st grade 30  EA Starter A/B
  30  English Adventure 1
2nd grade 30  English Adventure 2
3rd grade 30  English Adventure 3
 4th grade 30  English Adventure 4
-  * 1 class / 40min
-  all courses last 2 semesters
- number of classes refers to one semester
- the publisher of the programme which is used in teaching is Longman / Pearson Education Limited

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