English for teenagers

The courses for teenagers (aged 11 – 16) provide possibility to either learn English from the beginning or improve existing knowledge.

The programme for this age is modern and imaginative. The topics discussed are accessible and appeal to the young. The programme is based on linguistic exercises, carefully prepared and graded in order to improve the knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and functions of the English language. It is also designed to develop writing and speaking skills, improve accuracy and fluency in speaking, broaden students’ experience and knowledge of the international culture. It is attractively presented through various games, photo-stories, modern pop-songs, selected texts from contemporary and classic English literature etc. Learning in small groups provides good quality teaching of all segments: understanding, use of English, listening, reading, writing and speaking. In teaching we use textbooks, activity books, audio and visual aids, interactive computer software, the Internet, language labs (for all levels) and interactive whiteboards.

We encourage creative teaching/learning which may sometimes result in real small wonders - real happenings at the end of semester, when after passing their written tests, the students as their oral exam present what they have learned through their owned prepared presentations, play sequences, performances etc.


Course Number of classes  Programme
5th grade 66 Beginner NEW OPPORTUNITIES A1
6th grade 66 Elementary NEW OPPORTUNITIES A1-A2
7th grade 66 Pre-Intermediate NEW OPPORTUNITIES A2-B1
8th grade  70 Intermediate NEW OPPORTUNITIES B1-B2
9th grade  70 Upper Intermediate NEW OPPORTUNITIES B2
- all courses last 2 semesters
- number of classes refers to one semester
- the publisher of the programme used in teaching is Longman / Pearson Education Limited

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