The Italian language

When designing the curriculum we have tried to find a balance between useful and entertaining, effective and interesting. Introduction of the modern Italian language, working on important aspects of the language, on the reality and presentation of the Italian culture are just some of the segments included and studied in this course. The programme includes topics from everyday life (family, school, work, travel, music, film, cuisine, etc.), and enables students to use the Italian language with competence in different situations.

Classes are based on language exercises and adapted to the level of the Italian language knowledge, while aiming at boosting of its vocabulary, grammar and functions. Pair-work and role-play are common choices for developing communication and expression skills, whose aim is to expand vocabulary and create spontaneity.

Important segment of an overall programme is to introduce students to the Italian culture. Studying of specific purpose texts from the textbook, listening to and understanding the Italian music, watching Italian movies and other video materials, adapted to the level of language skills, contribute to better understanding of the language and culture of the Italian people.

Working in small groups provides good insight into all important segments of studying a foreign language: understanding, reading, writing and speaking; this is an essential prerequisite for acquisition of knowledge, because it allows enough time and space for active participation of all students in the classroom, as well as the teachers’ full commitment to each individual student.

Following materials are used in teaching: a textbook, workbook, OHP, audio and video materials, DVDs, as well as interactive computer programmes and the Internet.

In addition to regular ones, intensive adult (individual or group) courses are organised, too. These courses cover the whole/same programme in considerably shorter period of time. All conditions (timetable, number of classes, price) are specially arranged and adapted to the wishes and needs of the students.

Overview of the Italian language courses for adults

Italiano 1 60 Progetto Italiano 1 A1-A2
Italiano 2 60 Progetto Italiano 2 B1-B2
Italiano 3 60 Progetto Italiano 3 C1-C2
- All courses last two semesters,
- The number of classes relates to one semester

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